Utah Drivers Education

Are you a first-time driver in Utah? Safety is important, which is why the state has put laws into place regarding driver education. Prepare yourself for getting a drivers license with driver education courses that'll help you learn the rules of the road. Select from the options below to get started. 

1: Get Started with Online Application Services

2: Enroll in a state-approved Drivers Ed course

3: Take the state Driver's exam

Utah Drivers Education

Utah requires that all new drivers take a state-approved driver education course.  You should prepare yourself for the course by reading the Utah drivers manual. Driver education courses are divided into three parts, they are:  

  • 18 hours of classroom learning, including a written exam
  • Six hours of observation
  • Six hours of driving practice

Make an appointment at a nearby Utah driver license office for more information.

Driver education courses must be approved by the Utah DMV. Several courses are offered online that are approved by the state. You may use any of the state-approved online courses listed below, or go through one of the following: 

  • Local high school
  • Commercial driving school

You will only be able to meet limited requiremens online (classroom education, exams). You will need to arrange time with a high school or commercial driving school, in order to meet the six hours of observation time and six hours of driving practice. 

Online Drivers Education

The following online drivers education schools are approved in Utah:

  • A-1 Driving School
  • Utah Electronic High School
  • Ogden/Weber ATC
  • Revolution Driving Instruction (Professional)
  • Southern Utah Driving School

After completing the online course, the driver must pass a knowledge or written exam.

Driving and Observation Hours

The eighteen hours of classroom time is only part of the requirements for getting a certificate of completion, which in turn leads to a Utah drivers license.  A driver must also get six hours driving and six hours observing.  This can only be done through the driver’s local high school or Commercial Driving School. 

After completing the classroom portion and driving requirements, the driver must pass road and written tests. A road test can be taken at:

  • Driver License Division
  • Third-party tester

If a driver has all the Utah drivers ed requirements and wants to complete the road test with the Driver License Division, they will need to fill out the application.  The application must include:

  • Proof of identification
  • Proof that the written test has been passed

If the driver chooses to do the road test with the third-party tester, he or she must have the following:

  • A learner’s permit issued by the Driver License Division
  • Proof of identification
  • Required fee


Find out how to get your Utah Learners Permit here.


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